The Finale!! 

This next transition to the Orange Park, Florida Mediterranean home couldn’t come soon enough. After all the other changes, the clients were eager to finish the project and enjoy their kitchen. As many of you know; Covid has impacted the availability of materials and contractors so we had some unforeseen delays.

Here is what we did to complete this project:

  • Create a frame for the new, smaller fridge (reminder; the built-in refrigerator broke and was unrepairable). The old refrigerator housed the motor on the top, leaving a significant gap at the top when removed. Because the height made it difficult to reach, we decided to add a niche for displaying décor. Trim was added to the sides to fill in those gaps.
  • We had planned to install a wood vent hood that coordinated with the new island. However, budget constraints left us considering other options. We opted for a stainless-steel vent hood and re-purposed the old motor panel as a decorative header for a savings of $2,700.

Refrigerator before, and refrigerator and vent hood after

  •  The desk niche was not previously being used so we transitioned that part of the kitchen to include a beverage fridge with open storage shelves on the side.

Utility area after

When we started this project, Kitchen Renovations – First Steps to Success, our initial plan was to add new white, shaker style door fronts to all the cabinets. Our budget took a hit by replacing the island, appliances and flooring. We opted instead to paint the cabinets (another significant cost savings…see Designer’s Notes). We selected Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove to brighten up the kitchen. White Dove is a warm, inviting shade of white. Bright whites have a cool undertone and translate as sterile/stark. 

The painter was able to fill the existing hardware holes so we replaced the 3” bronze traditional pulls with 5 ½” matte black transitional pulls. 

Note: Cabinet hardware is not just functional, it is a design element that can compliment or detract from the overall style so don’t overlook this detail.

Completed kitchen beverage bar

Completed kitchen

Thank-you for tuning in to this renovation journey. The kitchen truly is the heart of the home so take your time when you embark upon an update to this valuable space. 

Bon Appetit!


Designer’s Notes for Kitchen Renovation:

The biggest cost to kitchen cabinets is the doors. The boxes are made of durable, less expensive plywood or laminated pressboard. The doors are constructed of solid wood (maple, cherry, oak are the most popular). The door style frame detail adds another layer of cost mark-up.  Shaker style doors and slab fronts are the most cost efficient door styles. Here is a reference to help you with your kitchen renovation:

Costs: Timeline:
New cabinets $15,000 (average) 4-8 weeks
Replacing the doors $9,500 (average) 4-8 weeks
Professional spray lacquer $2,500 (average) 1-2 weeks

Hood options & open shelving; As you prepare for your kitchen renovation project, here are some ideas for jazzing up the stove vent hood. The typical cost for the copper and wood vent hoods similar to these photos is $4,000. A rustic wood style as seen in this photo comes in closer to $2,500. A stainless-steel model in our Orange Park kitchen project came in at $1,500 which includes the trim & header. 

Another cost cutting & stylish detail is to replace upper cabinets with open shelves as shown in the photo.

Copper vent hood

Wood vent hood matching island

Rustic wood vent hood with open shelves