Setting the Stage

Past Successes

Distinguish Your Home from the Rest

If you are putting your home on the market you will benefit from this service. Selling your home is a draining. Open houses and buyer showings are inconvenient. Keeping your house in pristine condition is exhausting. And who doesn’t want more money for their dream home? With my years of experience both personally & professionally, I will provide an honest assessment of your home’s preparedness for the market with a list of enhancements & improvements.

Because buyers assess your home and form an opinion instantly, it is imperative to be ready for in person & online visits. Let’s ensure your photos are impressive from the start!

How It Works


1. In-Home Consultation

Review curb appeal
Conduct a home tour
Establish buyer expectations
Assess furniture, lighting, color scheme, focal points, traffic flow and condition of the home

2. Action Plan

Deliver a plan for your space, including cost estimates
Make arrangements for any projects you don’t want to tackle yourself

3. Final Set

Style and arrange rooms as needed
Coordinate professional photography, if required

Ready to Get Started?