Whether you are renovating your existing home or building a new home, do not neglect the impact of your staircase design.

For an update to your traditional all wood staircase, swap out the wood spindles with wrought iron. The big box home improvement stores will offer a couple of basic styles at your best price point. Semi-custom options are available through manufacturers of stair case parts. If you can swing it, go custom and design a one-of-a-kind look that matches your style. Iron fabrication has become popular in the past few years so you should be able to locate a custom fabricator nearby.

Semi-custom wrought irom balusters for a personalized style

For a sleeker, modern appeal; the cable rail system or acrylic/Lucite panels will be right up your alley. These alternatives are typically utilized on decks because they do not encumber your view as much as wood rail systems. Today clients are bringing these styles into their interiors too. If you have kids or dogs, you may have to forego the acrylic panels…you will be relentlessly cleaning the finger prints and pet slobber. Be sure to consider the design style of the rest of the home as you make your decision.

Lucite panels in lieu of balusters for a contemporary design and maximizing views

Cable rail system with floating treads

Your treads and risers are also integral to the staircase. The most popular style is a stained solid wood tread with the riser painted white. Chunky, craftsman newel posts are replacing the smaller curved colonial style inherent in so many traditional homes. Most people opt for staining the newel post as well as the handrail, but paint is a viable option as well.

Painted newel post and handrail

There are many pieces & parts that go into a staircase. This diagram will help you understand the terminology and various components. Renovating a staircase does come at a cost. Wrought iron balusters are reasonably priced individually but can add up if you have a fully exposed staircase. Red oak is often the best selection for your treads, posts and handrails. It has a good price paint, very durable and has a nice grain pattern that stains well. Popular is the best wood selection for the areas that are being painted. The minimal grain provides a smooth painted finish. Popular is less expensive than red oak and may be available already primed, saving time and expense. If the staircase is the focal point when guests enter the front door, splurging on the details is worthwhile.

Take your time as you design this feature of your home. This is typically a one-time renovation so you want to get it right. Give me a call, I am ready to help you navigate this process.