The kitchen is the heart of every home. Even if you are not much of a cook, the kitchen is a focal area so show it some love.

The most common update to a kitchen is the counter top. Laminate & Corian are being replaced with granite, quartz, marble or quartzite stone. Even many granite tops are being replaced with quartz or quartzite because of their improved functionality as well as softer, vein design. The gold & brown tones are being shed for the light & bright white, cream & gray combinations. 

Another popular update is replacing the cabinets. This is a big endeavor both from a cost and time investment. You need to be prepared to live like a college student for a few weeks. In addition, the current material & labor shortage challenges have you waiting 12-24 weeks for cabinets to ship.

Equally popular is changing the back splash. This accessory competes the space and is budget friendly. Back splash materials and designs are ever-changing. 

Here are some trending kitchen renovation options: 

Subway tiles continue to have a good showing because of their economical appeal and clean, simple style. Their timeless style makes them the best investment option.

Geometric Field Tile

Geometric field tile

Geometric tile as a splash

Geometric tile as a splash

Geometric or bold pattern field tile is a new favorite. These tiles come in fun patterns that create a different look based on the way you put them together. The multi-color designs spice up a room. These qualities made them a favorite for laundry room floors by adding whimsy to a work space. The popularity of these tiles has transitioned to the kitchen as well. For the homeowner that enjoys lively, fun design, these tiles deliver and make a great splash!

Quartz top continues as splash

Another dramatic, growing trend is to continue the counter top stone up the walls. Your eye loves the flow from wall to counter. As we see painted cabinets, especially white stay strong as the favorite cabinet finish, this seamless accent makes an impact. Changes in the solid surface industry with the manufacture of thinner 2cm slabs in addition to the standard 3cm (1 1/3” thick) allows this material to be fabricated & installed on a wall much easier. Be forewarned, this is a pricey add-on to your renovation.

Classic white subway tile combined with geometric tile

It is always fun to see innovation in the marketplace as well as style trend changes. There is something out there for every personality & budget. When you are ready to make a splash in your kitchen, I advise you to consult with a professional and spend time exploring your options before jumping in.