Remember the television show, “What Not to Wear”? Stacy London coined the phrase “Shut the front door!“, when she had a successful personal makeover.  When it comes to your house, you want to hear “Open the front door!“.

Create anticipation for what is behind the door

Our first experience with any home is the view as you pull up the drive. Does the front door beckon visitors to come inside? The front door has the power to entice or detract. Whether you are selling your home or welcoming guests, your goal is the same; luring people to go inside.

This Door Needs Some TLC

Create the right balance of drama; be sure your door coordinates with the style of the home, that the scale balances with the home, that it is a striking compliment to the overall color scheme and that the landscaping doesn’t distract but draws you to the door. The front door is the one area of the home where neglect is not permitted.

Much Improved Front Door

As you drive around, pay attention to other front doors. Note the ones that draw your attention and define “why?” they are so appealing. Then take another look at your front door. Can it use a refresh? Where are you falling short? Spend the time to update this powerful design feature, you won’t regret it!

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