Are you in the market for a home? Are you searching for the move in ready beauty or the charming fixer-upper? Review the pros & cons of both options; ready or reno.  Newly constructed or freshly remodeled homes will have an inflated price. A home renovated in that last 4-10 years may prove to be a better investment.  Assess each home on it’s merits with the input of your realtor.

Market conditions in your area may influence your decision. The inventory of move in ready homes may be scarce. Embrace reno options to create the home of your dreams.


Rule #1: Know your budget & build in 10% contingency for the unexpected.

Rule #2: Prioritize the projects; What has to be done right away, what can wait.

Rule #3: Decide where you will splurge (hardwood floors) & where  you consider cost saving options (repurposing furniture pieces).

Rule #4: Use an interior designer to guide you through the process. Their knowledge of materials, contractors & design is invaluable.

Rule #5: Be willing to put your skills to work. There is a lot of satisfaction in being a part of the transformation.

Deb’s Inviting Interiors “Move In Reno” project
A solid & well maintained 1990’s ranch in a good location


The open layout, high ceilings and large windows enticed the buyers to see the potential in this home. However, they had to look past the pickled oak trim & cabinets, the “blush” color tones & the 80’s style.

Glass block wall – creative or dated?

A little too busy

Not so “Pretty in Pink”

-Stay tuned for renovation updates as this home is transformed-