I remind my clients that every renovation will have pivot points. You do your best to plan for contingencies, but despite your best efforts, an unexpected circumstance takes you in a different direction. An obstacle may be revealed in demolition or discovered when your material selection is on back order or worse yet, discontinued.

You’ll save your sanity if you view these transitions as opportunities instead of set backs.

My business has approached one of those pivot points. My husband and I had planned to return to the warm south for our next season of life and now that time has come. We are excited to be relocating to Florida in July.  

I plan to continue working in the design industry but for now will only be scheduling consultations. Whether you need to select paint colors or seek design advice. I am ready to assist as time allows. I will book consultations in the Rockford, Illinois area through mid-July 2019. I will start scheduling consultations in the Jacksonville, Florida area starting in August 2019.

I have several renovation projects already in the works, so it will be a busy time.  I have been so blessed by the people I have worked with in the Rockford area. They are my design family and it has been my honor to serve each and every one.

I will miss the relationships forged in this welcoming community…I will not miss the cold & snow.

Stay in touch and send me your renovation photos!

Best Wishes,