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I know you’ve done it, we all have. You watched countless design shows and exclaimed, “I can do that”.  How did that work out for you? Maybe it’s time to call in an expert to finish what you started.

This client was ready for more than one bathroom update! While they planned to also tackle the master suite and kitchen down the road, the bathrooms were quick fixes. But first, they needed a plan. 

I started on the project recognizing, alongside the owners, their renovation dollars would be eaten up quickly on bigger projects to come.  We knew we had to keep the cost to these functional rooms minimal.  Yet, as most realtors will tell you, there is nothing more depressing in a house than a tired, old bathroom.  Enjoy these bathroom before and after’s; they tell quite the story.

Guest Bathroom

Wall color.  The best bang for your buck on any reno is always paint.  Here, the guest bathrooms were given a refresh by selecting an updated wall color, adding hardware to the vanity cabinets, replacing light fixtures as well as new linens & decor.

Fixtures.  We knew that matte black fixtures were going to be a part of the kitchen & master suite projects so we wanted to incorporate them in these spaces too. Unifying the design throughout the home is important.

Tile.  We did our best to utilize the shower tile as is.  New tile, even simple, white subway tile, can add quite a bit of cost once you add the labor.  (And you may find additional issues during demolition!)  In a very secondary space, sometimes the simplest solution is just to paint the tile surround. It worked well – the new bright white color coordinates with the tub and serves to open up the small footprint.

The Powder Room

The powder bathroom needed more work.  At first, we planned to just replace the vanity and add a fresh coat of paint. After reviewing the master plan for rest of the house, we decided leaving the floor tile with its warm tones would not fit within the overall scheme.  It would stand out and be distinctive for no reason other than discordant design. 

Generally speaking, a powder room is the most used and visible. In this home, we had to step it up. The new vanity not only raises the style level of the space, it would add much needed storage. The matte black light fixture coordinated well and kept to our theme.

The décor was re-purposed from other areas of the house, since we added the floor tile update. The vanity was ordered from Houzz at a good price point, especially considering that it included the counter top, sink & mirror. We also saved by doing all painted walls and not tiling halfway up like before. This also gives the client options for the future as color trends change. The black, white & gray theme will coordinate well with many colors for a future refresh.

Sidenote:  It has been fashionable for quite some time now to allow yourself a design indulgence in the powder room – dramatic wallpaper, an elaborated vintage mirror,  extreme tile – and it can look wonderful.  However, three things to keep in mind:

  • Lifestyle,
  • Budget and
  • Tolerance
Orange Park designer tackles bathroom design
Orange Park interior decorator


Do you move all the time?  If you know you are likely to have to sell the home in a few years time, chances are it is not worth the risk to do something courageous in the powder room.  One person’s opulence is another’s over-indulgence.   Wayfair’s Vessel Sink is stunning, but with granite and a slate rock wall…too much?

New York Design


If you can afford to renovate regularly, and you love to experiment with color and material, I support you 100%.  Let’s head to Ferguson’s together and get you something that makes your creative spirit sing!  Here are some fun powder room ideas from the New York Times

Tolerance for Disorder

Some people don’t like life in boxes, or things not in their place. If that’s you, renovation is something to be done once, in a timeless and enduring style and then you can live a calm, clean existence.  (The project above turns out beautifully, but she has quite the journey to get there: Renovation Mess.)

Orange Park interior designer

This client saved money by doing all the painting, lighting & hardware install.  The plumber enjoyed a large bonus in the form of the pedastal sink from the powder room… or the baptismal font as we were calling it!



My favorite part of working with clients on a renovation project is that we do it as a team. I customize the process to fit each client’s specific need. I have clients who have skills like wood working, painting, plumbing, electrical or love to shop. They just need assistance successfully pulling everything together. No worries, I can direct the entire project too! I simplify the process, manage time lines and deliver the fresh appeal you envisioned.

It is the collaboration that makes a project sing.  In my world, when we combine our talents, 1 + 1 = 11.